We’re hard workers in Year 2!

Good morning everyone – what a windy day it is!  At least the sun is shining though.

Thank you for all the pictures you’ve been sending in – it’s fantastic to see all the work you’ve been doing at home with your families.  Have a look below to see what people have been doing.

In English, Ayaan, Sophia and Obaid have sent us some photos of the spelling activities they’ve done this week.  Obaid’s monster looks really cool!  Well done Ayaan for finding all those words – and don’t you just love Sophia’s illustrations for what each word means?   Great work you three!

Obaid’s Monster

Ayaan’s Words


Sophia’s Words













Ali-Rizwan sent us some fantastic exclamation sentences.  I wonder if he really told the spider to go away!

Ali-Rizwan’s Sentences

And we were really pleased to see the sentences Ridwan wrote for his poster with all the information he found out about ponds.  Great job, Ridwan!

Ridwan’s Information Poster

You’ve also been very busy in maths this week.  Ali-Rizwan and Ayaan have been working with number fact families;

Ali-Rizwan’s Maths

Ayaan’s Maths










And Sophia has been working hard on her counting in tens!

Sophia’s Maths

On Wednesday, we were finding out about Captain Tom Moore and Sophia did some more investigating on her own.  She decided to find out about Rosa Parks and why she was a famous woman in history.  Look at all the interesting information she found out!  We really loved that you investigated who she was Sophia – well done!

Sophia’s Information about Rosa Parks

Questions Sophia would ask Rosa Parks










We were also pleased to see photos of Ayaan and Amna’s sunflowers.  How they’ve grown!

Amna’s Sunflower

Ayaan’s Sunflower










Amna also updated her diary to explain what she saw.  Good scientists always record their observations so well done, Amna!

Amna’s Diary

And finally, thank you to Ayaan for this picture he sent.

Ayaan’s Minibeasts

What strange minibeasts you have in your garden!  They look lovely and they really made us smile!

It’s half-term next week so look out for our special half-term project about Me And My Family and send us some pictures to admin@st-agnes.manchester.sch.uk

We’ll post up some more photos of your work after half term.

Take care and stay safe everyone!

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