Year 2 Are Working Hard!

Good morning everyone!  We hope you’re all enjoying such a sunny day?  This lovely weather hasn’t stopped you getting on with the work we’ve been putting on the website has it?  Have a look below to see what’s been going on!

In Maths, Humna has been investigating fact families and Ayaan has been doing lots of work on multiplication.  Some of those probelms look really tricky – well done you two!

Humna’s Maths

Ayaan’s Multiplication

Ayaan’s Multiplication Sentences








Do you remember the beautiful forest picture we asked you to describe?

Have a look at some of the super sentences people wrote about the scene – they really make the picture come alive in words don’t they?

Amna’s Descriptive Sentences

Ali-Rizwan’s Descriptive Sentences






Ayaan’s Descriptive Sentences

We also liked Obaid’s use of exclamation marks in his poster.

Obaid’s Poster

In Science, Amna has written some super information about cacti and was able to identify the parts of a tree.

Amna’s Cactus Information

Amna’s Tree Labelling










And Ayaan is very excited about his sunflower seeds – LOOK!!

Ayaan’s Sunflower Seeds

We’re very excited to see what happens next!  Let us know how your seeds are getting on.  Remember you can comment on the website or send pictures to

Have a lovely day everyone and keep safe!  We miss you!!


  • Nafisa Chowdhury Posted 20th May 2020 11:04 pm

    Hi. Miss Haggart I will send my stuff tomorrow

    • Mrs Haggart Posted 22nd May 2020 9:47 am

      Excellent, Nafisa! I’m very much looking forward to seeing it and posting up pictures of your work after the holiday next week.
      Take care!
      Mrs Haggart

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