Holidays are coming!

As the half term comes to an end I’m sure we are all looking forward to a restful break.

The children have worked very hard this half term getting to grips with some new concepts in Maths, remembering to include our English skills in our writing  and investigating the effects of different drinks on our teeth and how to keep our teeth healthy.

We have made some excellent progress in our swimming lessons with many children achieving certificates which we hope to receive in the New Year. Our swimming lessons will continue after the holidays at Moss Side Leisure Centre.

When we return to school in the new year our Maths lessons will focus around Multiplication and Division. In preparation for this it would be helpful if your child completed workouts 7, 8, 9 and 10 in their Timetables booklets. They can also make use of the Multiplication and Division sections on Mathletics. Each activity they do will earn them points and bring them closer to a silver certificate!

Furthermore, to enhance their ongoing Science topic, I would like each child to do some research into the Digestive System and produce some kind of information poster to be displayed around the class in the new year. I challenge the children to be as creative as they can be!

Finally, thank you for your ongoing support throughout the Autumn term. From reading at home with your child to ensuring homework has been completed your input has been appreciated.

Have a happy holiday!

Miss Ryan 🙂

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