This week in 4T we have been beginning to work with decimals in Maths. We have been using tenths and hundredths to make a whole – we were surprised to find that decimals and fractions were closely linked too!

We received a letter last week from the Year 4 teachers saying that they wanted to ban playtime. We all think this is unfair,and have spent our English lessons writing a letter to persuade them not to. We hope it works!

Each week, the children are set homework of either English or Maths, have spellings to learn, and are expected to read to an adult regularly. Unfortunately, there are lots of children in 4T who are not completing these tasks. It is important that everyone completes and hands in their homework on time each week as it allows the children to practice the skills that we have been working on in class.

As a reminder, homework is set on Friday to be handed in on Wednesday; spellings are set on Tuesday to be tested the following Monday.

Enjoy your long weekend, and I’ll see you all on Tuesday,

Mrs Warrilow B-)

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