Adventures At Sandy Cove

Hello everyone, welcome back to school. Hopefully, you have all had a relaxing holiday and are set for this new term and year. This term, within English we will be reading and using a modelled text called, ‘Adventures at Sandy Cove’. Your task this week is to read and learn the story ready for our writing challenges next week. Below you can view a video of the story being performed and view a picture map.

The Story

“Hurry up,” shouted Joe as he climbed over the rocks. Carefully, Rahul
followed. The two boys stopped at a rock pool and began to search for shells.
“Hey, what’s this?” shouted Joe to Rahul. In the rock pool was a small, black
box wrapped in plastic. The boys tugged it loose. What was inside? Joe
pressed the silver catch and the lid popped open. The box was full of
sparkling jewels!

At that moment, a scruffy old man shouted at the boys. His wolf-like dog
barked menacingly. Joe snapped the lid down, picked up the box and the two
boys began to scramble over the rocks. They slipped and struggled towards
the cliffs.

“Quick! Let’s hide in here,” said Joe, rushing into a cave. It was dark and
damp inside and they could hear water dripping. They felt their way further in
and crouched behind a rock. Rahul’s heart pounded like a drum. All at once,
the scruffy man appeared at the cave mouth. He shone a torch around. The
light cast shadows on the cave wall. The children ducked down and kept as
still as stone, but the dog could sense them. It padded closer and closer,
growling menacingly. Rahul gripped Joe’s arm. They could see its white teeth,
smell its damp hair and feel its hot meaty breath.

Suddenly there was a distant shout. ‘Here Dog!’ hissed the man,
roughly grabbing its collar. “Those boys have got away. Quick. After them!”
Joe and Rahul held their breath until they could hear the sound of the man
and his dog stumbling back across the rocks. They waited for a long while
before creeping out. Even though the beach was empty, the boys ran home
as fast as they could.

At first Mum didn’t believe them. It was only when Joe opened the box
that she decided to call the police. When the police arrived they told Mum that
the big house up the road had been burgled only the night before. They had
spent all day searching for a trace of the jewels. Their only clue had been the
footprints of a large dog. Joe shut his eyes. He could imagine the headlines:
was a reward too!

Story Picture Maps

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