Incredible Pets English Home Learning Thursday 21st May 2020

Hello Year 4. Have you looked at the spelling activities yet?

Now, let’s return to incredible pets. If you haven’t already, look at yesterday’s post about incredible pets.

Here’s another newspaper article to inspire you. Meet daring Ollie, the barn owl. Let’s find out why Ollie is so incredible.

H-ow-l did he do that?

Last night, Ollie the barn owl delivered a new Firebolt to Harry Potter, who was locked in the cupboard under the stairs, due to Uncle Vernon having snapped his broom.

At around 10pm, just as everyone was going to sleep, daring Ollie was on his rounds, delivering parcels, when he spotted the owl trap on 3 Privet Drive. Quickly assessing the situation, he hatched a cunning plan.

Ollie told us, “I’d never seen a house with so many traps and gadgets set to catch me; it reminded me of that time I saw the birds stuck on the Twit’s roof. But that meanie was not match for my cunning.” Fortunately, Ollie had been attending apparation classes and was able to teleport himself under the stairs, avoiding the traps.

Having outwitted Uncle Vernon’s wicked plan, Ollie returned to his regular delivery service. However, he did leave a little trap of his own balancing precariously on the bathroom door.

© Jamie Thomas 2020

What was the incredible event?  How do you know that Ollie is incredible? What did the daring Ollie do? How did Ollie outwit Uncle Vernon’s plan?
Did you find these features?
  • the headline
  • orientation paragraph (opening paragraph that sums up the story you are about to read)
  • the main story
  • the witness report (interview with a person or animal involved)
  • closing statement


Your task today is to plan a newspaper report about an incredible pet. You may want to choose a pet from the pictures below.

How will you describe your pet? e.g. daring Ollie, cunning Claris, remarkable Romeo


Think about the following questions to plan out your newspaper report.

  • When did this incredible event take place?

  • Who was involved with this incredible event?

  • What incredible act did the incredible pet carry out?!

  • Why did this incredible event happen?

  • Where did this incredible event take place?

I can’t wait to hear about your incredible pet!

Tomorrow, we’ll write our newspaper report.

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