Incredible Pets English Home Learning Friday 22nd May 2020

Happy Friday Year 4! It’s the last day of this half term. Make sure you have looked at the spellings for this week.

Today, we’ll write our newspaper report about our incredible pet. Which pet did you choose? What did you call your pet?

Use your plan from yesterday. Make sure you reread the newspaper reports from Wednesday and Thursday to give you inspiration.

Include the features from below:

  • a headline (try to use alliteration)
  • an orientation paragraph (opening paragraph that sums up the story the reader is about to read), it is often quite short and there is very little detail. It gives a’ taster’ for the reader and they can decide whether or not to read on. You need to grab the reader’s attention.
  • the main story, here you tell the reader what happened in more detail.
  • a witness report (interview with a person or a dog involved), what did they say? The reader will find out more about what happened. Try not to repeat what you have already written.
  • a closing statement e.g. what did people learn, what did they notice, how will the pet be remembered, what extra clever thing did the incredible pet do?

Enjoy writing your newspaper report! I can’t wait to hear about the daring event that took place.

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