Challenging Maths in 5C

This week we have worked very hard in maths because we have been adding fractions and finding the common denominator.

We have looked at questions such as: 1 and 2/5     +     1  and 3/4 = ?

To answer this question we tried finding the common denominator. For this one it would be 20, because 4 and 5 both divide into 20.

Then,  whatever you do to the denominator, you do to the numerator, so now you simply multiply the numerator by the same amount as you multiplied the denominator to get to 20.

Follow this link if you would like to work on some of these questions at home:

This website explains how to find the common denominator, then if you scroll to the bottom of the page, there are soe multiple choice questions for you to try.

Today’s web page was updated by Areej and Khadijah.

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