Church visit.

On Thursday 22nd of November 2018, Year 5 went on a trip to St Agnes Church to see their Remembrance exhibition. First we sat down on the pews and the Parish Priest, Eugeniah Adoyo, told us to get a sheet of paper and find all of the objects. Here are some of the things we discovered:

We learnt about the representations of different poppies:

Purple: animal remembrance

Red: soldier remembrance

White: peace

Black: civilian remembrance

We found out from Eugeniah Adoyo (the parish priest) that St Agnes Church had a Role of H

honour from World War 2, which is a list of people from Longsight, who took part in World War 2.


Also, we don’t know if you noticed, but there was a protest for road safety outside school this week. This is one of the chants you might have heard:

“DON’T park here, keep it clear!

Please help to keep us safe by parking safely, or even better, walking to school!

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