Easter holidays 2019!

This term, the treat for the 100% attenders was a Rooftop Carnival! There was games, food and prizes. There was also a raffle at the carnival. There were little coins that you could use to by food or some prizes, and you could earn more coins by winning games. Here are a few photos of setting up and people having a good time.

Also, this week Year 5 and 6 have completed an Easter Egg hunt! There were ten clues, and at the end, the treasure was chocolate coins, and we ate them in the afternoon. We learnt about how Easter started.

We recorded our bible verse song. In Year 5, we sang it to Calvin Harris’s Rag’n’ bone man giant.

This is the bible verse:

We are back at school at Tuesday 23rd of April.

This weeks website updaters were Nabil and Musa.

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