Year 5 are all teachers!


Last week we held our class event. We invited our parents into school to give them information about the new handwriting script and to introduce them to our school website, which you are reading right now! We showed them around the site, and also demonstrated how to join our writing. We also made them feel welcome with a cup of tea!

Just look at the wonderful things our parents said about us:

We loved helping our parents, and now they will be able to help us more by using the website.

This week:

This week we have been making wish ribbons for the Longsight Christmas tree. Wish ribbons are ribbons that have people’s wishes on. Here are some of the great ribbons from people in our class!

These ribbons can be seen at a ‘winter welcoming’ event on Sunday 8th December, near and in Longsight library. This event is free and anyone can attend.

1-3pm are free activities and games in the library.

4-5pm is a lantern parade around Longsight.

5pm is the lighting of the local community Christmas tree!


We have also been making some angels for our school Christmas tree.

This week we have finished a great book! Fair’s fair is a rags to riches story about a boy called Jackson and a girl called Lilly-polly. They were led by a black, hungry dog with a rusty key round its neck. They find an abandoned mansion, tidy it up and end up living there. We have a piece of homework to complete, writing  from the girl’s perspective. We have really enjoyed this book!


Next week…..

On Monday 3rd of December 2018, year 5 and 6 are going to the St Agnes Church for a Christingle service. Parents may join us in this visit. This is a Christingle. Why not join us and find out what a Christingle is!





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