Mini beast road show!

Yesterday Year 5 met Tracy and John. They are from a company which takes animals into schools. They taught us how to handle the mini beasts: butterflies, cockroaches, stick insects, millipede (800 legs) , spider skin , actual female spiders and SNAKES! We learnt that sharks can kill 1 human a year and donkeys kill 100 humans a year. We got to hold lots of creatures. The butterfly felt like it was dead because it was sleeping. The cockroach felt ticklish .When the stick insects was on our face it felt like it was going into our mouth! Here are just a few of the reactions to handling the animals:

Did you know that a centipede is more dangerous than a millipede because it has a stinger on its tail? A millipede is poisonous if you eat it.

It was amazing to be able to handle these creatures. We found that although they seemed scary, in fact, they were gentle, delicate and fragile.

This is a day we will remember for a long time!

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