We’re back!

We have watched an exciting movie to inspire our writing.

Spy kids This has increased our knowledge of our knowledge about spies and has given us ideas for our English writing assessment piece.

We have had St Agnes’ Got Talent and a girl called … KAINAT in year 4  won with an amazing song.

On Monday, some children went to WHSmith and got some new books because, very generously, the Literacy Trust organised it for us.

It’s been a busy week for 5C because they’ve just been through test week . Altogether we have had 5 tests :reading, arithmetic, Maths reasoning paper 1 , Maths reasoning paper 2 and an English SPAG assessment.

Fascinating week For St Agnes

Hello future year 6 parents -your awesome child has experienced a few hours in their future year group during Transition morning. On Wednesday we found out what we will be doing in year 6, like going on lots of trips.

Literacy Trust

Reading, what would we do without reading? Well in year 5C on Wednesday we went to Central Library ( taking all the year 5 with us.) We all met an author and a poet, who has read his books in a lot of countries.

In maths, we have tried to target our weakness in reading a line graph.

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