Year 5’s fun week.

First of all, on Tuesday there was the St Agnes decades day where everyone had to dress up in clothes worn in their special decade. Everyone dressed up and looked great! Here are a few photos of year 5s dressed up.

In Year 5 we learned about the royal family in the 1940’s. Then, in the afternoon we had an assembly. While the day passed, there was a music quiz from different decades, and each class had to guess which decade the tunes were from. In the end, 2T won.

Year 5 went on one of the best trips we have ever experienced. We went to the Altrincham Vue Cinema to see the movie Zoo. It was a very sad and emotional film and it was set in Belfast, Ireland. It was about a group of children who rescued an elephant from the Zoo during WW2. It was a true story which was very sad in parts. It really showed us what it must have been like during an air raid. We would recommend the film, but take a tissue as it’s a weepie!

Next week, St Agnes are going to go on a quick trip to visit the Remembrance Day display at St Agnes church. We have been told that we are going to hide our stones painted with poppies around the church.

That’s all for now and more news next week!

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