On Wednesday 4th of July, 4 pupils from Year 5 and 6 took part in the first Bee trail around Manchester. We visited venues where the Bees are on display including Central Library, Manchester Cathedral and The Royal Exchange Theatre.

We then travelled in a coach to Manchester Science Centre where we learned about how scientists are tagging bees by putting a tiny electronic tag on their backs. This tag gives them data on where the bees fly to. From this, scientists have found out that a bee lives for approximately 40 flying hours.

We also found out that bees do a type of ‘dance’ to communicate with others to tell them where to find food.

In the Football museum, as well as finding more bees, we had a go at a penalty shoot out, became presenters commentating on a match by reading an autocue and had our pictures taken with the FA Cup and Premier League Trophies

It was a fantastic day out and we would encourage everyone at St Agnes to pop into Manchester over the holidays and see how many bees you can find.

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