Decades day in 5T

Tuesday and Wednesday this week have been very busy for year 5!

On Tuesday, it was ST Agnes does the decades day and what it means is that the children and teachers had to dress up in the costumes of a given  a decade. We were dressed like people in the 1940s.

These are some pictures of the children in Year 5T…

On Wednesday the 14th of November year 5 went to Altrincham Vue Cinema. We went to watch ZOO which was a bit emotional. The film was about 3 people who tried to save an elephant during WW2 called Buster.The most upsetting part was when all of the German bombs started to fall on most of the people’s houses and they had to run into the nearest air-raid shelter. It was a really good film and we learned a lot about life in the war years.

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