Last week of Year 5T, here we come Year 6C/T!

As you know this week is the last week for us in Y5T/C! So here is what we did this week!

On Monday we did a science experiment about pulse rates,  we timed how many times our heart beats in 15 seconds.

On Tuesday there was a cream tea party  for the people who got 100% for the whole year.

On Wednesday we  performed on our Steel Pans in front of Y4T/C. We have really enjoyed learning this instrument this year.

On Thursday we saw the Year 6 Leavers’ assembly, which was amazing, then we played on Mathletics until break. Then we watched the movie’ Wonder.’

So now it’s……


Updated by Aiza and Emaan!

See you on September 3rd at the school gates! Bye!


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