Manned Mission to Mars

Hello everyone,

Here is some Science for this week. I know that the Solar System topic was last half term but there’s so much more we can do.

Manned Mission to Mars

If you could design a module to land on Mars, what would it look like? (The module is the section of the spacecraft that breaks away from the main spacecraft.)

Astronauts will need to land on the planet’s surface in the module. It must be specially designed to protect the crew inside. If you could create a module, what would it look like?

Think about the following questions.

  1. How will you ensure that the module floats on water?
  2. How will you keep the crew safe?
  3. Which way up will the module land?
  4. How will you slow your module’s descent onto the planet?

Now, draw the module and label its features.

If you can, have a go at building the module. What could you use to build the module? You could try old boxes, lego…

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