Miss Weir’s group. Home learning Friday 22nd May 2020

Good morning everyone and hooray it’s Friday !

Today’s home learning.

Reading: Oxford Owl website.

Username: weir13

Password: bertie



Maths: Today’s maths is week 3 lesson 3 Related facts.

Click on the link related facts and scroll down to lesson 3. Watch the video and then click on the pink get the activity and complete the work in your home learning book.

Related Facts week 3 lesson 3

Challenge: try not to look at the answers until you have completed all the activities.



English: Today’s English is to use exclamation marks ( ! ) . Remember we use exclamation marks in our writing to show how someone is feeling ( example surprised or shocked ) or we might use them in speech to show someone is SHOUTING!

Click on the link Exclamation marks and it will take you to the BBC Bitesize learning page.

Watch the video on how Exclamation marks can be used and then read the examples.

Activity 1: Is let’s exclaim. See if you can put in the exclamation marks correctly.

Activity 2: Write out each of the sentences and then identify which of them have used the exclamation mark correctly by putting a tick next to it.

Activity 3: Watch the video about the pond and then create a poster about being safe near water. Make sure you use exclamation marks in your sentences.

Activity 4: The Exclamation mark quiz. Test your knowledge of using exclamation marks correctly.

Exclamation marks

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