Road Safety week

This week, students have been going to ST Agnes Church, which was a fun and educational visit. We had to do a mini treasure hunt, which means we had to find  things in the church that helped commemorate those who died in the War.

This is a stain glass window. They have pictures of Jesus and other people on ,any of the windows.

There were some poppies to remember different groups in the War. There were..

Red: soldiers

Purple: animals

White: Peace

Black: Civilians

In the church there was a lectern and  a Candle stand  covered with poppies! They had all been knitted.


Protests outside school.

On Tuesday, Students met on the school gates with Slogans Saying”Children cross right here,keep our zig zag clear!”

This was because we feel the roads around school are not safe when we arrive and leave school. We hope people will now choose to park more safely.

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  • Aiza Khan Posted 23rd November 2018 7:54 pm

    I love it when they say,
    “Children cross right here, keep our zig zag clear!” 😀 !!!

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