Welcome to 2019

Hello everyone and a happy New Year! We have had a really good two week holiday and we hope you have too.

Do you want to know what our new topic is? It is about stargazers! Here is an image of the planets.

The big orangey semi-circle in this picture is the sun

The first planet is Mercury,

Then Venus

Then our planet that we live on,can you guess? (Earth of course!)

Then Mars

Then Jupiter

Then Saturn

Then Uranus

Then Neptune

Then Pluto, the furthest planet from the sun.

We will be telling you more about the planets as the weeks go by. We are looking forward to this exciting topic as space is fascinating.

Do you remember the Time Traveller? He has sent us another letter!

We are wondering if he will send us something about space, some clues maybe that we need to work out. Who knows? Remember to log in to our webpage next week to find out!

This week’s web page is updated by the regular website monitors : Khadijah and Aiza .

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