Wednesday 25th March 2020 Poem corrections.

Here’s the corrected poem- did you find all the mistakes? The words in italics are the ones which needed correcting.

English is a pain!

Here I sit in English class; the likelihood is that I won’t pass
An F on my report card would be worse than breaking glass
It’s not that I haven’t studied, often ’till late at night
Their English rules are so confusing, I simply can’t get them right!

Let’s talk about spelling a while, specifically letters which are silent
Words like “psychologist” and “wreck” surely make all of us cry out
And another example quite plain , which is really hard to explain
If it’s i before e except after c, then what about feign and reign?

The final exam will determine how I do, whether I pass or fail
I have prepared as much as I can down to the last detail
I’m ready to give it my very best in just a little while,
And then I’ll take a relaxing rest on a tropical isle.


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