Frozen Kingdom- The Polar Regions

Hello everyone, what a fantastic day today has been! We have been really impressed with the level of enthusiasm, questioning, knowledge and hypotheses that so many of you have made today in our topic launch. Hopefully, whilst we are all tucked up in our warm beds this evening our class IPADS are time-lapse recording our melting iceberg and we will be able to analyse the images next week to see whether your predictions were correct.

Meanwhile, this weekend could you complete your own research into the Polar regions. What makes the Polar regions similar? Different? Do people live in the Polar regions? Who are Roald Amundsen, Ernest Shackleton and Robert Falcon Scott?  How do they link to the  Polar regions?  Why/how do the Polar regions strongly influence the world’s weather?

Watch the video below as a starting point.

The Antartic


The Arctic


The Antarctic vs The Arctic


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