Week 6 in Year 6.

Take a look at our prayer board! When we have something to pray for, we add it to our board. All these things have come from our First News paper, and we are praying for a good outcome to these situations.

It has rained a lot this week! As you can see, we have busied ourselves during wet playtimes constructing some marvellous creations!

On Mellow Yellow day, we thought about our mental health and decided that it was just as important as any other illness.

In maths, we have been using our knowledge of the number system to solve problems. Can you see what we did here?

We have been ISPACED in literacy! We have learned how to start sentences in a variety of ways: using an ‘ing’ or ‘ed’ word; using a simile or a preposition and using a conjunction. We have chopped up sentences and explored language.

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