Welcome to Year 6!

Welcome to Year 6!

As you can see from these pictures we have had a VERY busy week in Year 6!

We started the week learning about what it takes to be an outstanding learner. We explored the qualities that make sure we make excellent progress in our learning. We then used these skills in Art to improve our sketching skills when drawing a face.

We then learned how to be a Scientist by designing our own experiments to test which of 3 washing-up liquids was the best. We made predictions, designed our experiment making sure it was a fair test, then carried out the test. We tested which washing-up liquid was the best stain remover, produced the most bubbles and also which was the kindest to the environment.

The things we have learned this week will really help us to make progress in all our subjects throughout this year.

Reminder: Next week, on Tuesday 10th September, we are visiting Quarry Bank Mill to find out about what life was like for Victorian children working and living in the cotton mill. This should be a great start to our topic.


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