We’ve had lots of visitors in a Year 6 this week!

This week our first visitors were Eleanor and Peter, who are STEM ambassadors. They work for a German company which specialises in renewable energy sources.

They brought a scale model of a wind turbine and sections of cables that carry electricity to our homes.

we found out that drones are used to check whether the turbines are secure or if they’ve been damaged. There are actually stairs up the middle of a turbine, but it’s a long way up to climb!

The blades on the turbine are the size of aeroplane wings.

This is a ‘boat’ which has legs which go down to the sea bed, then lift the boat out of the water to make a platform.

We got to dress up in the safety equipment used around wind turbines.

It was really interesting, even our teachers learned a lot!

A big THANK YOU to our amazing STEM ambassadors for taking the time to come to our school. You have inspired us.

Our second visitor helped us learn about History. We looked at the life of Anne Frank. First of all we explored what the words ‘stereotype ‘ and ‘prejudice ‘ meant. We then found out how, in History, these led to aggression and violence towards members of the Jewish community. It was a sad and shocking story which made us even more committed to treating everyone with respect and valuing each other.

We have learned so much this week from the experts who have visited Year 6!

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