6T Homework 30/11/18

Reading Comprehension- Carries War

Chapter 3 

Please read chapter 3 carefully as this is where we learn more about both Nick and Mr Evans.

Nick is an interesting character. At the beginning of the story he seemed like a baby who was dependent on Carrie. You’d expect him to be frightened of Mr Evans but he isn’t.

Mr Evans is going to be an important character in the story. At first you think you should dislike him but something happens on page 29 that makes you feel sorry for him (please find out what).

Furthermore, this chapter also contains the famous biscuit stealing incident in the shop. The one that me, Miss Brown and Zain acted out ( Yes…that is was what were we doing!).

What do you think about Mr Evans threatening to hit Nick with his belt? You couldn’t do that these days but back then it was ok to smack naughty children.

What do you think to Nick? I know he was worried about being smacked but was he right to blackmail Mr Evans with a lie?

At the end of chapter 3 do you think Carrie and Nick have become more Resilient?


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