Back to School

Easter holiday was great fun but now the serious work has begun.

In Year 6, we have 8 school days starting from April 25th to May 13th before we sit our SATs tests .

In maths we have been learning about angles, scales and shapes .

In English we have been learning about narrative Suspense stories with cliffhangers . Some people have been working on Police reports.

Here’s a challenge for you:

Can you carry on the sentence underneath, turning it into a suspense story and leaving it with a cliff-hanger ?


Running for her life, a dark, shadowy …………………………..


In reading we have been studying Bubble Boy-  an amazing true story .

Important information:

On Thursday 2nd of May School is being used as a polling station.

Also on Monday the 6th School is closed because of the bank holiday.

Written by Faiza Malik and Shakira

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