Homework 06.12.19

Maths: Miss Brown’s Maths group have the division problem solving questions to complete.

Arithmetic: Looking at common errors in the Arithmetic test your maths group has been set questions linked to the question type that most people in your maths group got wrong.
Mrs Crowhurst and Mrs Hallsworth’s group are multiplying by a 1 digit number.
Miss Brown’s group you are adding and subtracting decimal numbers on a pyramid. The two boxes beneath add together to give the total of the box above.

I have included the the sheets below with the answers. This obviously isn’t for you to copy. This is so you can check your own work and be an independent learner. Therefore, I will expect to see your working out so I can see that you have done the work.
Adding and subtracting decimals
multiplying by 1 digit

Spellings: This weeks spelling are looking at words which have the prefixes -micro and -mini.
minibus, miniskirt, minicam, minibeast, minicab, minimum, microscope, microchip, microphone, microwave

Reading: As always, you are expected to read with an adult three times every week and have them sign your reading record.

Mathletics: Again, as always, tasks have been set on Mathletics. Log in and complete the tasks to earn points. Don’t forget that these points are turned into Dojo points.

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