Homework 9/11/18

Hello 6T, Here’s the list of homework challenges for this weekend:


  1. Decades day- Remember our class are to dress as children from the 1930’s and linking to this what can you find out about school-life during this period. What was school really like then? What were children taught at school? Was it the same as today or different? What punishments did the children receive when they were naughty? What were school meals like?

Image result for schools 1930sImage result for schools 1930s uk

2. Start the Tower of book challenge- Read during the weekend! Develop your vocabulary and help support your English writing skills.

3. Mathletics- Have you completed all the set topic learning modules? Are you ready to move on to the next challenge?

4. Spellings- Learn weeks one and two Adding ‘able’ spellings for a test Monday afternoon.

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