Protesting and Remembering.


On Monday the PeaceMala pupils and some of the Student Councillors came to school very early in the morning to protest: we wanted people to stop parking on the yellow zig- zags outside school. They did very well stopping people parking!


On Tuesday the Year 6 Peace Malas went to Heald Place Primary School to meet a very special group called’ I  AM WE.’ They are a group of people who fight for the rights of children that can’t go to school. They actually built a school in Kenya. The Peace Mala pupils went on a protest in Plats Field Park for Education for all.  One of the Peace Malas said,” It was the best trip ever!”


Today Year 6 went to Agnes Church to learn about all the wars that happened , while we were at the church we had to find things all round the church. It was a really interesting trip as we have been learning about WW2 in our topic lessons.

The red poppy on this picture is to remind us to remember the soldiers. The purple commemorates the animals that lost their lives. The white poppy stands for peace. There were also black poppies, which signified the lives lost by civilians.

This is a list of the people from Longsight who went to the front in WW2.

  Thank you to everyone who put on this amazing display. We learned so much from your hard work.

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