On Thursday 26th January 2017, the juniors of st Agnes were visited by Shannaz- an employee of the company “Positively M.A.D”.This company provides many remembrance techniques to make learning simpler for budding students. Not only did she educate us, she entertained us!She used her humorous ways to engage us into learning.

First of all, she introduced herself by telling us her name and purpose for the day.Then she placed a a large paragraph before us and said that we could memorize it. We thought it was impossible at first sight, but then Shannaz showed us a mind map; eventually we learnt the large paragraph.

After mind mapping, we were taught to count up to ten in Japanese! Shannaz made the numbers in to English sentences then added some catchy actions. Within 15 minutes, we could count to ten in Japanese! This procedure was successful as you can recall them instantly. The year sixes had an enjoyable time and I’m sure everyone else did too.

By Sumaya Reza

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