Northern Lights Haiku Poems + Topic Launch!

Northern Lights: a luminous and beautiful sight in the Polar regions. This phenomenon is something we have been learning about this week as a start to our new Topic – Frozen Kingdoms.

We have written Haiku and Tanka poems about the Northern Lights. As these are only short poems, we had to use amazing vocabulary and figurative language to fully describe this spectacular occurrence.

Here is a picture of the amazing Northern Lights:

The Aurora Borealis, to give it it’s proper name, is formed when parts of Solar Flare travel through space and become caught in the Earth’s atmosphere. Beautiful Lights can be seen scratching the sky in polar regions.

This is our new class book. We have only read a little bit of it, but we can tell it’s going to be a great story. The author uses some excellent words and phrases. It is a novel from the fantasy genre.

Today we had our Topic Launch of The Frozen Kingdom. Here is a few pictures of the fun activity’s we did:

Later in the term, our parents will get the opportunity to experience theses activities too, so make sure you check our website for your invitation!

A fantastic first week back, we can’t wait for next week.

This week’s website updaters are Rahim and Mohammed.

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