Our phenomenal visit to Manchester Cathedral.

On Monday the 24th of June year 6 visited the cathedral and we sang 3 songs.

1.My Lighthouse

2.The Lord’s my shepherd

3.I the Lord of sea and sky

Also we received very meaningful badges.

Isn’t it Beautiful.

The point of the location symbol is it’s pointing to a map. The shadow of the location symbol is put together with the symbol of a cross, which makes a heart, and that means there is love all around us.

This young mad read a his text brilliantly – so clear and loud. He represented our school really well.

Would you like to find out about our visit to  Crucial Crew?

Crucial Crew was all about how to stay safe, because Year 6 will eventually become year 7 and we will be out be in the open world without our parents. We received cool freebies:


2.Black pen


4.Portable Phone Charger

5.Fluffy Rainbow Bookmark

We have also done an experiment this week about smoking (it really smelled as bad as a skunk’s spray!) First, we got smoking Sue (a scientific doll) then Mr Lammas took out a cigarette out of this green bag and then he lit it .Then he put it in the dolls mouth and we saw smoke coming out of the cigarette.

Here are some pictures Also we learnt about the effects of alcohol,cannabis and energy drinks in science.

Alcohol short term and long term effects:

Short term:dehydration, headache, sensitivity to noise and bright lights, nausea and depression

Long term:stomach disorders, cancer in the mouth and throat, stroke, weight gain, liver cirrhosis, brain damage, high blood pressure.

As you can see, using these substances are not good for your body or your mind.

We would advise against using them. If you are offered any of these- just say NO THANKS!

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