Penguins and Adventure Stories

This week in year 6T we welcomed a special guest called Mr Roffey from the STEM project, he is a Polar Ambassador. He showed us how animals in the Arctic stay warm, they have a layer under their skin called blubber. Someone dressed up as a penguin to show us as an example!

He also showed us clothing that people wore to go to the Arctic to protect them from the extreme temperatures , and we chose a volunteer to wear some of the equipment.

It was really fun having a Polar Ambassador! In 2 weeks, he will come back again, so log in to find out more.


In Year 6 everybody was writing their adventure story. In Mrs Crowhurst’s group, we planned our stories using story maps, here are some of them:

Here are things you need to add into an adventure story:

1.Gentle, descriptive start

2. A turning point/shift

3. Move to intense, suspense, faster speed, short sentences and repetition


5. Ordinary situations to danger

6. Objects


8.something going wrong

9. Obstacles to overcome

Our stories will take a few weeks to write , look out for them on this page.

This week’s page was updated by Saffa and Nafisa.

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