Reading Challenges week beg 23.4.19

Hello all, hopefully, you have had a relaxing holiday and are all set for this term. Here are this weeks reading challenges:

Bubble Boy is a stunning novel that makes you laugh and cry. And think. Joe lives in a sterile world. Wired up to monitors and drips, he can’t remember ever having left his hospital room. Even his visitors are a potential risk in case they bring in infections. Everyone cares for Joe by keeping him as enclosed as it is possible to be. But then he has a visitor who has a quite different view of what Joe’s life should be like. Suddenly Joe’s world is full of information about the world outside and his dreams of going out grow bigger and bigger. Can Joe ever fulfil his dream?

bubble boy


True or False:

The story is set in a hospital.
Joe is lonely.
Joe knows what to do in an emergency

Find and copy a word or phrase that shows:

The atmosphere becomes awkward on the first page.
Joe feels isolated from the world.
Greg is friendly.

Main Questions

Create a brain page that shows how Joe feels in his isolated life.

(This should be a picture of a brain filled with thoughts, single words, phrases etc)




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