Wonderful Writing and Restful Reading

This week we have been writing in a variety of different genres, all trying to use the ‘voice’ of Carrie from Carrie’s War. We have written letters and postcards as though we were her. We had to think about the types of things Carrie would tell her mum, and those that she would withhold so as not to let her mum worry.

Here are some of our presented letters/postcards.



We really enjoyed presenting our work as real letters/postcards.

PE Performances

We have been working on sequences in PE, putting in a variety of skills: cannon, synchronisation, travelling, balance, rolling and jumping. Here are some pictures of our work so far:

And Finally…..

We are being encouraged to read…read…READ! We have a new reading area with a lovely, comfortable chair – perfect for snuggling up with a good book!

It also comes in handy for Mr Lammas on a Friday evening when we’ve all gone home!

Next week: Parents are invited to join us at a Christingle service at St Agnes Church at 2pm on Monday afternoon. Hope to see you there.




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