Parent Feedback

Parents consistently reported that keeping their children engaged in good activities and trying to home school their children was exhausting. Nearly a quarter of our parents shared how they are anxious about the overall situation in the country right now and worried about the impact of their child/children missing so much education. We are trying to work closely with parents in the event of a bubble’s popping and children being sent home to isolate, this will prevent stresses and worries of ‘getting it right’ for their children. Our Dojo platform has been used successfully in some classes already, when bubbles have broken but work is still needed in promoting uptake and increasing confidence with using online formats with our families.

Parents are happy for the children to be back at school. They feel that they are safe. Recent parent consultation show this, please read some wonderful feedback from the parents below:

‘A loves school, he’s always the first go get up in the morning because he’s so pleased to be going to school, he’s not like the rest who I have to nudge out of bed, thank you for everything that you are doing for A.’ Star Group Parent

‘We are both very grateful for the way the school has handled the current situation, you have all continued to support us in whatever ways we needed and that is why we love St Agnes!‘ Year 5 Parent

“I never, NEVER appreciated how hard it is to do what you guys do. How you manage to do it with 30 all at the one time is amazing. Thank you so much to all the school staff and what you do.” Year 2 Parent

I was really frustrated in lockdown when I taught them something and then they would do it wrong and I would say, “Why are you doing it like that? I’ve shown you how to do it!” I don’t know how teachers do it in classes of 30!” Year 2 Parent

“We just want to thank you for all that you are doing for our child. During this hard time we know it can’t be easy but our child always comes home with a smile on their face.” Year 1 Parent

“My child loves being back at school, they even want to come at the weekend. They were so upset when the bubble closed. Every day they come home talking about the work they have done and how much they love their class.” Year 1 Parent

“Thank you for everything you are doing. My child was nervous about coming back to school but now I can see their confidence has grown and they love school.” Year 1 Parent

“My child always comes home happy and says how kind you are. They are so happy to be back at school. They always come home asking to do work to show you in the morning.” Year 1 parent

“My child loves school. They come home pretending to be you and ask me Maths questions. I have to be quick and think of the answer. Thank you for building their confidence. I was worried for them going back to school but when I see them happy. it makes me happy.” Year 1 parent