The St Agnes Curriculum

‘Knowledge builds on knowledge: the more you know, the more you are able to learn’

Hirsch, 1988

At St Agnes CE Primary School we strive to provide an engaging and inspiring curriculum that promotes our core value of ‘love to learn’.

The intent behind our curriculum is to equip our pupils in acquiring the cultural capital needed to flourish in education and beyond. We will achieve this through a knowledge based and skills led approach, rich in language and vocabulary, supported through  enriching experiences which allows all of our children to ‘learn do well’.

Pupils will leave St Agnes well prepared for the next stage of their education – enabling them to grow into active, responsible members of society ‘living well together’, in modern Britain.

Why the St Agnes Curriculum?

At St Agnes, our rich and creative curriculum starts with our children. We intend to prepare them for life by developing within them values of peace, curiosity, determination, responsibility, flexibility of thought and respect for the opinions and beliefs of others.

Our curriculum will inspire, enthuse and educate our children so they build knowledge and skills, rich in language, to help them prepare for life in modern Britain and beyond.

Teachers have high aspirations for all children to achieve, regardless of differences in ability, social background, culture, race, gender or disability and this is reflected in creative and engaging learning experiences. To reflect the context of our pupils, the content of our curriculum has language at the heart of it, based around key texts, as identified by Pie Corbett. This encourages our pupils to follow their interests and to enthuse and inspire them to be inquisitive learners with real life skills that enable them to move into the world with a passion for life-long learning.

How the St Agnes Curriculum Works

Our curriculum, which is based on the National Curriculum, is designed to increase children’s knowledge  and develop the requisite skills. The curriculum equip them with the ability to use the acquired knowledge in different contexts, understanding as they grow and develop and become more aware of the world around them and fostering positive attitudes to the work they do at school.

The curriculum is carefully planned and structured to ensure that learning is continuous, and that the children make good progress with the development of their learning. We  try to ensure that the knowledge and skills gained are used across the whole curriculum and not simply in isolation and that meaningful links are made between subjects in our half termly or termly themes.

Is everything covered?

Yes, our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum. Although, certain subjects and areas will still be taught discretely our carefully constructed curriculum brings learning to life in a connected thematic approach. If you would like to see what this looks like and what your child is learning currently, please go to their individual class page. The topic webs and knowledge organisers show what they will be learning about each term.