Our Mission, Values and Vision

Our Mission

Our school mission is entrenched in our motto:

‘Love to Learn, Learn to Do Well, Living Well Together’ 


Our Vision

Using our Christian values to help us drive our mission at St Agnes, we want our pupils to:

  • experience and enjoy success through a creative, broad and balanced curriculum – wisdom
  • acquire the knowledge and skills needed to reach their full potential – wisdom
  • become well-rounded, resilient individuals, with a lasting love of learning – thankfulness
  • experience the school as a caring, supportive, learning environment, where there is equal opportunity for all pupils – friendship; peace; thankfulness
  • develop lively enquiring minds capable of independent thought not afraid of challenge – justice; wisdom
  • understand and respect the world in which they live and the inter-independence of individuals, groups and nations – respect; peace
  • embrace twenty first century changes and developments based on our solid foundation of shared faith-based morals and values – peace; respect


Our Values

As a Church of England school, our Christian values underpin everything we do at St Agnes.