As we have seen sadly, in the past weeks, devastating and horrific attacks have been carried out by individuals against Manchester and London, as well as around the world in many cities. Our concern is for our pupils – they … Read more

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Dear Parents and Carers

The appalling attack at the Manchester Arena is currently being treated as a suspected terrorist incident. The police, hospitals, Council and emergency services are doing all they can to support them. As a City we will

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Welcome back everyone!

I hope everyone has had a good rest and enjoyed themselves over the Easter break.

Safeguarding is paramount in our school and as another measure we have now installed a new wall and doors separating the main … Read more

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We are currently receiving a lot of requests for extended holidays and at present there are 28 pupils away. This amounts to a total of 274 teaching sessions that will be missed by these pupils

Our attendance figures are greatly … Read more

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In the past week we have encountered incidents of online bullying against our pupils by users who can not be determined as being from our school via Youtube comments and postings.

This has prompted us to raise awareness and the … Read more

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