Toy Challenge!

Toys, toys, toys! Some are old, some are new… Some are loud, some are quiet… Some are big, some are small… Have a look around your house and see what toys you can find! Click on the link below for a toy based activity that you...


Monday 30th March

Good morning! Don’t forget to have a dance with Gonoodle or try Joe Wicks P.E. sessions every day at 9am. Here is an activity we would have done in class that you can do at home with...


Let’s pray

For those who would like to pray. Lord God, we thank you that you are a God of peace and our place of safety. May you grant peace to all the families and staff of St Agnes Primary School. Help us run to you with all our worries for you are our...


A virtual day at the zoo!

Friday 27th March Chester Zoo will be opening their gates for a virtual day at the zoo! Please see the Chester Zoo website for information on how to take part! (Facebook Live) This is a fantastic, educational...


Planting seeds

As it was another lovely day yesterday, I thought I would sew some seeds and I can keep you posted as they start to grow. If you have some seeds and soil you can plant them too, don’t forget to wear gloves when you touch the soil. The kit I used...



If you are struggling to keep active during this time, the website below has lots of fun and active resources you can use for free! I know I’ll be trying the Yoga videos at the weekend! 🙂...


Play dough

Here is a recipe for making playdough you can add food colouring to change the colour or herbs and spices to give it a smell. If you put it in a sealed container or the fridge it will keep for longer. Ingredients 1 cup flour 2 tsp cream of tartar...


Update on the caterpillars

As it’s a beautiful day I have been out in the garden and as it’s been about a week since the caterpillars changed into chrysalids I thought I would move the to the butterfly garden. The butterfly garden is a safe space for the butterflies to...

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