Year 4 Triangles

Rainforest Knowledge Organiser

Hello everyone, below you will copies of the EXPECTED knowledge organiser and for those of you who aspire to know more are some GREATER DEPTH organisers. You can dowload and print your own copy here: rainforest knowledge organiser st agnes yr4...


Active Families is back!

Active Families Coffee Morning Well done to all of our families who have attended our Active Families Sessions last year! We had a great first year last year and we are very proud of all our families. We are now ready to welcome some more...


Saving the Puerto Rican Parrot

In 1493, when Christopher Columbus sailed into the Caribbean island now known as Puerto Rico, he was warmly greeted by the Taíno inhabitants while hundreds of noisy bright-green parrots with beautiful white-ringed eyes, which the Taínos called...



What is a rainforest? Rainforests as the name suggests (and you have probably guessed) is simply a area covered by forest that has lots of rain, at least 80 inches a year. Amazingly Manchester only has an average annual rainfall of 992mm, which...


Reading Homework 22/11/19

Hello everyone, next week in our English we will be reading and writing our own set of instructions on How to keep a dentist happy, so to help you can you read the following: Do you think me or Mr Bradley wrote this text? Yes/No Can you use...


Taking Care of Our Teeth

Taking Care of Your Teeth Hello everyone, before I summarise todays lesson the school nurse would like me to say how much she enjoyed working with you and how well behaved you were. Thank-you. So, what should we have learnt? After our baby/milk...

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