Our Attendance – Week beginning 20.01.2020

Let’s Celebrate Our Attendance!     

Well done to Year 3C,  who achieved Best Whole School attendance this week. They received their £10 reward voucher from Mr Uddin after he announced it on our tannoy system on Friday afternoon. Y3C are the second class to achieve 100% in 2020!

Our  ‘Walking in a Winter Wonderland’ party, the final Attendance Event of 2019, was a HUGE success.  It was a winter wonderland like St Agnes has never seen before!  If you would like to attend our first attendance party of 2020,  all you need to do is to attend school EVERY DAY,  as 100% attendance equals a free entrance ticket!

This week’s Attendance Heroes were Sam in Reception and Sabha in Year 5, they attended school every day this week and were on time each day too. In our Achievement Assembly. both children were presented with a special certificate to celebrate their achievement.  These children will also be entered into the prize draw at the end of the half- term, when Ryan for Vision Education comes to celebrate all of the Attendance Heroes achievements and we find out who wins the Race for Cake!

Our Weekly Attendance Board

Our whole school attendance target is 96.6% and this week we reached 96.7%. This is the second week in a row that we have passed our target by 0.1%. Well done everyone! Let’s try a little bit harder on our forth week back of the New Year and see if we can go well above our target. Try attending school every day, as then we should have some more of our classes reaching 100% attendance this week!

Good Luck, Everyone!




 Remember term time holidays dramatically affect our attendance. Please fit family holidays or trips home to see extended family in the school holidays only. 

Please remember all children need to be attending school every day, to ensure they have the education they’re entitled to

Please do your best to support us with our drive to improve attendance and make sure your child/children are in school and on time every day.

Please remember that holidays taken in term time will have a significant, negative impact on your child’s learning. Let’s ensure our children are in school everyday, so they can have the education they deserve and the time they need to grow as learners.

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