Our Attendance – Week beginning 03.12.2018


       Let’s Celebrate Our Attendance!             

Well done to Year 1C for their 99.3% attendance this week!  As they won the ‘Best Whole School’ attendance award this week, they collected their £5 reward voucher during our Achievement Assembly! Year Y6C won the ‘Best in Key Stage 2’ attendance award this week, with 98.4% of children attending school all week. They collected their £5 award from Miss Oven too!

Remember, next week we have our Attendance Event, this is your chance to attend a Free Magic Show! All you need is to do, is to make sure you have 100% Attendance. Miss Oven is currently printing the invitations. Have you had 100% attendance this half term? One maybe on its way to you today!

This week’s Attendance Heroes are… These children are two of many children who will receive our ‘Attendance Hero Awards’ over the term.  Ryan from Vision Education visited us this week and gave Zakariyya his Attendance Hero Prize from the prize draw this half term! He won stationery and writing books presented beautifully in gift wrap. We are passionate about improving our attendance and want to work in partnership with the children and families at St Agnes’ CE to improve our attendance as much as we can. We cannot wait to see who wins the big race for the ‘Attendance Cake’. Have a look at the attendance display in the main hall to see which class is currently in the lead!

                  Our Weekly Attendance Board

Our whole school attendance target is 96.6 % and this week we just missed this, only reaching 95.4%(1.2% below)! Let’s try really hard next week to attend school every day and see we can have some classes reaching 100% attendance. Hopefully, we can beat our whole school target again! Good luck everyone!

Please remember all children need to be attending school every day, to ensure they have the education they’re entitled to

Please do your best to support us with our drive to improve attendance and make sure your child/children are in school and on time every day.

Please remember that holidays taken in term time will have a significant, negative impact on your child’s learning. Let’s ensure our children are in school everyday, so they can have the education they deserve and the time they need to grow as learners.

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