Year 2 Circles


  We’ve finished sitting our SATS and all the tests are done! Well done to everyone in Year 2!  The children have worked so hard over the past 2 weeks and we are very, very proud of them all. We’ll be doing some celebrating on...


Our Royal Celebrations!

We’ve spent the week finding out about the royal wedding which takes place on Saturday.  We even had a special picnic lunch today to celebrate! We made some great information books which we decorated to suit a royal occasion.  Can you spot...


SATs in Year Two

Next week Year Two children will begin their SATs and the tests will continue over the two weeks until half term. This is an important time where children are assessed in all they have learned in KS1. If you want to learn more about the SATs this...


Look what we found this morning!

  If you look very carefully, you might just be able to make out our butterflies that were waiting for us when we arrived at school this morning!   We had a good look at them this to see what they looked like and how they moved and fed. Then...


Butterfly Update!

We’re a bit worried that our cocoons will hatch over the long weekend and we don’t want our butterflies to emerge and have no food.  So we’ve put some flowers in the butterfly net and some banana for them to eat (apparently...


Transformation is happening!

Our caterpillars are now inside their cocoons and are turning into butterflies!  Most of them managed to stick onto the roof of the pot so we carefully moved the others very gently (with a teaspoon!) onto the floor of the butterfly house. When...


Look what we’ve got!

We have some wriggly caterpillars in our class!  They arrived on Wednesday and we’re going to see what happens to them over time.  They are in a special pot with food in it and we will watch them very carefully to see how they change. ...


Our Learning in Summer Term

The children have worked very hard in Spring and we are all proud of the progress they are making. We have all enjoyed learning about animals and plants in our Wriggle and Crawl topic so we have decided to carry on until our SAT tests in May. Our...


Can you tell the time?

We have been learning how to tell the time in our maths lessons, you can practice this skill using these games: Hickory Dickory Tell the time Matching Pairs Also (because times tables are always important) why not have ago at one of these: Hit...

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