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Do you want to be a Cityzen?

Have you always wanted to be a Cityzen? Well now you can. During our period of school closure Manchester City have provided families with some wonderful resources and activities to complete together on their website. Message from City in the...


Wall of Frustration

Are you having one of those days today? Where nothing you do seems to change your mood! Does everyone and everything annoy you? Do you have the isolation blues? Well, Childline has the perfect game for you! Instructions for the … Read more


Build your happy place

Imagine having that one place that is perfect and designed just for you. It can be anything you want it to be! Well now you can as Childline has created a great game just for you! Build your happy place … Read more


Letting our worries go

There are times in life when we must share our worries or do something that makes us feel like we have lightened our load. You can do things like listening to your favourite music, having a nice hot bath or … Read more

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