Worship and Prayer at St Agnes

Collective Worship Theme: (at the end of each term we will look for pupils who excel in displaying and living the focus value and celebrate them!)

Summer 2 2022

Theme: Friendship


A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.

                                                                                                                          Proverbs 17:17



Spring 2 and Summer 1 2022

Theme: Justice

Those who make peace sew the seeds of justice by their peaceful acts.

                                                                                                                                               James 3:18


Spring 1 2022

Theme: Justice

The Lord loves what is righteous and just;
    his constant love fills the earth.

                                                                                             Psalm 33:5


Autumn 2 2021

Theme: Love and Respect

Love your neighbour as yourself. 

                                                                                                              Matthew 22 verse 39 (NIV Translation)



Autumn 1 2021

Theme: Thankfulness

Thank God – he’s so good! His love never runs out.

                                                                                             Psalm 107 verse 1

Below are our pupils of the term who were chosen becasue they displayed this value so well!

Star GroupJannat for lovely manners and her  thoughtful, caring nature.
N – ButterfliesAleefa for having beautiful manners, always saying thank you. 
N – LadybirdsNadiya for having beautiful manners, always saying thank you. 
RCMaham has been growing in confidence during her time in reception. She is creative and hardworking. Well done!
RTMariam has been a fantastic role model this half term. She shows a fantastic appreciation for learning and is always kind to her peers when they need support. 
1CAreesha is a very thankful member of 1C. She always uses her manners without being reminded. She is always grateful for her learning and values her classroom, friends and teachers.
1TSaliha is a thankful member of the class. She always uses her manners when interacting with her friends and adults. She is always kind and values the equipment and resources that she uses in school. 
2CDua appreciates the beauty of the world and is thankful for all of our blessings. She is always kind and values others. Thank you Dua.
2TTanisha –  she always uses her manners in class and around school. She always makes sure everyone has someone to play with at play times.
3CMusa is someone who quietly gets on, does the right thing and is consistently polite to teachers and other members of 3C. 
3TUzair is an enthusiastic member of our class who values others and is always ready to help.  He is appreciative of his friends and shows this by looking after them both in class and in the playground.  Thank you, Uzair!
4CHoria – Horia is a fantastic role model. She is extremely thankful inside and outside of the classroom. She is an enthusiastic member of our class and respects all school resources and equipment. 
4TTayba – Tayba is a great young lady who is appreciative of all that goes on in the classroom, the resources she is given to use and the help she receives. She is incredibly polite to those around her. 
5CJannat I is an appreciative young lady. She is thankful for those who support her and is always kind to others in return. 
5TSaima – for being a truly delightful young lady. She has wonderful manners and shows her appreciation for all aspects of the learning she receives. She shows a high level of respect to those around her through her dedication to her work and her positive attitude.
6CMariyem- for always smiling and participating enthusiastically in all her lessons. She celebrates in Friday assembly when other pupils are chosen and is always grateful for everything the adults do in school. She is a positive person and a good friend.
6TIbrahim is an incredibly thankful young man. He appreciates the people around him and what they do for him. 



Hello everyone!

Take a look at what Easter is all about and some wonderful activities you can do at home during the holiday!

Worship 2 Go Easter 2021 pdf

Our end of term prayer is based on rainbows!

Join us as we think about the symbol of a rainbow – a symbol of hope and promise.  A reminder that ‘sunshine will return after the rain’.

In recent times, the rainbow has become a symbol of togetherness all over the world and we know lots of you have created beautiful rainbows on display at home.

We can also use the colours of the rainbow to help us think about and pray for others:

Red is the colour of bravery: pray for or think about those people who are having to be brave at the moment

Orange is the colour of waiting: pray or think about having to be patient and wait for things to get back to normal

Yellow is the colour of sunshine: be thankful for some good things in your life

Green is the colour of growth: pray or think about the people who are growing and producing our food

Blue is a peaceful colour: pray for or think about people who are anxious at this time, that they would find peace

Indigo is a sad colour: pray for or think about those who are sad or lonely

Violet is a royal colour, the colour of leaders: pray for or think about the people in our government, that they will make wise decisions



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Our Bible verse of the term is:

Collective Worship Theme:


A dear friend will love you no matter what.

Proverbs 17 verse 17a


Thankful Video


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