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Take a look at what Easter is all about and some wonderful activities you can do at home during the holiday!

Worship 2 Go Easter 2021 pdf

Our end of term prayer is based on rainbows!

Join us as we think about the symbol of a rainbow – a symbol of hope and promise.  A reminder that ‘sunshine will return after the rain’.

In recent times, the rainbow has become a symbol of togetherness all over the world and we know lots of you have created beautiful rainbows on display at home.

We can also use the colours of the rainbow to help us think about and pray for others:

Red is the colour of bravery: pray for or think about those people who are having to be brave at the moment

Orange is the colour of waiting: pray or think about having to be patient and wait for things to get back to normal

Yellow is the colour of sunshine: be thankful for some good things in your life

Green is the colour of growth: pray or think about the people who are growing and producing our food

Blue is a peaceful colour: pray for or think about people who are anxious at this time, that they would find peace

Indigo is a sad colour: pray for or think about those who are sad or lonely

Violet is a royal colour, the colour of leaders: pray for or think about the people in our government, that they will make wise decisions



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Our Bible verse of the term is:

Collective Worship Theme:


A dear friend will love you no matter what.

Proverbs 17 verse 17a


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