Year 4 Circles

Week 5 Spelling Answers

Good morning Year 4, Did you match the clues to the spellings correctly? Check below: Something that is in high demand.               Popular Not that one, this one.                                      Particular A synonym for unusual...


Countdown Challenge 4

Hello Year 4. This is the last Countdown Challenge. Today’s target number is 794. Use the numbers underneath to make 794. If you can’t make 794, try to get as close as you can to the number. Remember to post your solutions on the...


Daily Challenge- PE and Maths 5

Well done! You have completed a week of mental and physical challenges. How did you get on? Are you now an Olympic genius? Well, to finish the week here is  real challenge! The aim of the challenge is to: (Physical) Complete a 5 stage work out on...


Countdown Challenge 3 Solution

Hello everyone. Here is a solution to the challenge I posted this morning. You may have found an alternative solution. How did you do? The solution includes brackets. Remember that the calculation in the brackets should be carried out first. 5 +...

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