PE and Sports

Why do we play sports?

There are a number of advantages to exercising and playing sports. Exercise helps to improve both physical and mental health. Sport brings together people from different cultures and backgrounds and encourages them to work together as a team. Sport can build positive self esteem in participants and teaches important lessons about success and failure.

When do we play sports?

Children have the opportunity to engage in sporting activities every day at St Agnes. During break times and lunch times, children have access to a range of sporting equipment such as tennis rackets, basketballs, hoola hoops and skipping ropes. Each class has time scheduled on our MUGA pitch and on our playground equipment. The playground has recently been repainted with a range of activities for the children to use.
Each class has time scheduled for weekly PE lessons where children are introduced to a wide variety of skills and sports. Our Year 4 pupils go swimming each week to learn that essential life skill.

Who is involved in sports?

Mr Lammas and Ms Lea are the sports leads for the school they are responsible for PE and sports in school. Class teachers lead sports sessions in school and specialist swimming teachers lead sessions for our year 4 swimmers. At lunch time, sports are supervised by teaching assistants and lunchtime organisers.

How can you get involved?

You can get involved by encouraging your child to participate in sporting activities outside of school hours, whether in the park, garden or a sports club.
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