Year 6 Circles

Anne Frank

Hello everyone. There is a great website that has some activities on the famous diary writer, Anne Frank. Take a look. It looks like there will be new activities a couple of times a week. Once I get the information, I will post a link. Home-based...


Calling Third Space Learners

Hello Third Space Learners! It’s time to think about Third Space Learning again. If your normally complete Third Space Learning on Wednesday mornings, then you can continue at home. There is a session this Wednesday at 10am. Third Space...


Miss Weir’s group

Hello everyone. Hope you are all well! Maths Let’s practise greater than, less than and equal to. Replace the ? with the correct symbol < > = 28 ? 50 99 ? 13 twenty four ? 24 (29 + 5) ? 31 63 ? ( 85 – 7)   English Take a...


Maths Mystery Matrix

Have a look at this table square or matrix: Can you see how it has been constructed? Why are some numbers in black and some in red? Can you explain why the red 6 is in that particular square? Why is there a 45 in the bottom right-hand corner? You...

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