Year 6 Circles

Week 7

This week we read a great adaptation of Goldilocks and the three bears, which was about internet safety and about being careful about what we put online. We have been learning about The British Empire in Victorian times and finding out which...


Week 6 in Year 6.

Take a look at our prayer board! When we have something to pray for, we add it to our board. All these things have come from our First News paper, and we are praying for a good outcome to these situations. It has rained a lot this week! As you...


Active Families is back…

Active Families Coffee Morning – Monday 21st October Well done to all of our families who have attended our Active Families Sessions last year! We had a great first year last year and we are very proud of all our families. We are now ready...


Pens down day

Following on from our exciting morning of hosting our Macmillan Coffee Morning, we continued taking part in St Agnes’ Pens Down Day. To do this, we became scientists and explored electrical circuits. We had to answer lots of questions: what...


We are Scientists!

In Year 6 we have been testing flights by making our own rockets. When we conduct any Science experiment, we only change one thing. In this experiment our one variable was the shape of the flights ( the bits on the end of a dart or arrow.) We had...

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