Year 6 Circles

Would you rather???

I think these ‘would you rather’ posts have been my favourite things to post over these past few weeks. I love reading your responses and seeing the way your brains work. Here we go… Would you rather be unable to control how...


Maths- Friday challenge

Today we have a tasty maths lesson! White Rose have teamed up with Maths Kitchen and they are exploring the use of maths in cooking. CLick on the link below and watch the video for Summer Term Week 3 Lesson 5...


Daily Challenge- PE and Maths 5

Well done! You have completed a week of mental and physical challenges. How did you get on? Are you now an Olympic genius? Well, to finish the week here is  real challenge! The aim of the challenge is to: (Physical) Complete a 5 stage work out on...


Countdown- the numbers game

I thought we could have a go at the numbers game today rather than the word game. Here is the problem… I however, think this one is a bit too easy so task two is to use the same numbers but to try and make the number 362

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